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Informed Luxury is an effective digital advertising solution for luxury brands, driving enquiries through, website, e-mailers and social media, we are fast becoming a market leader. IL established HNWI audience trusts IL to provide them with unique experiences, venues and ideas for private events, corporate retreats, film locations, luxury breaks and special occasions. List your brand, run a competition, incentivise our readership and or create a digital  advertising  campaign to engage IL targeted database.

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Partnering with Informed Luxury allows you to engage and reach new markets, access an IL’s established and extensive network. Our partners receive targeted cross promotion and referrals throughout the year and included in relevant editorial features and campaigns. Contact IL and find out how you can become one of IL luxury partners.

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Our Audience

targeted audience
           61% Female | 39% Male
       Reach 40k+ targeted HNWI’s


Predominantly in the 25-55 age group
Engage with 26k+ followers

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  •  No membership contracts
  •  High impact solution for luxury brands
  •  Effective digital marketing
  •  Supporting you to reach your target audience by driving enquiries through IL website, e-mailers and social media.
  •  Targeted audience

Contact IL for our latest rate card, prices start from £15.00 per month. IL advertising is structured to ensure the maximum return on your investment. When you need an additional boost select one of IL successful targeted digital marketing campaign options.